1. About myTECHNIC

    myTECHNIC is world’s first Lean Greenfield MRO, located at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW) on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey. This advantageous geographical location between Europe and Asia makes myTECHNIC ideally suited to serve domestic partners as well as global carriers in Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa.

    myTECHNIC was founded in 2008 and became a part of Hainan Group Co. Limited (HNA) as of November 2010. HNA Group is a leading China-based integrated operator in modern service industry with substantial investments in Air Travel, Modern Logistics and Modern Finance Service industries. Based in Haikou; HNA assets exceed $30bn as of the end of year 2010.  Read More...

     Mission & Vision  |   Improvement |   History |   Quality and Safety
  2. Services & Solutions

    We have designed our services so that myTECHNIC will be your long-time partner in maintaining an airworthy and reliable fleet and all that this entails.

     Certifications and Approvals
     Commitment to Our Customers
     Airframe Maintenance
     Component Maintenance
     Engine Maintenance
     NDT Services
     Engineering Services
     Calibration Services

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    26 November 2015
    28 October 2015
    HNA Group signs $2.4 billion engine deal with Rolls-Royce
    28 October 2015
    Hainan Airlines will be launching a Beijing-Manchester route in June of 2016
    31 July 2015
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  6. Career Prospects

    We are in a dynamic industry running a fast developing business.
    We would be excited to get to know you if you believe you can add value to our team.

    Please contact us at hr.exe@mytechnic.aero e-mail address.

     Human Resources Policy  |   What do we offer ?
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    PBX: +90 216 5880570
    Fax: +90 216 5880572
    E-mail:  info@mytechnic.aero
    www:  www.mytechnic.aero
    Address: Sabiha Gokcen International Airport
      34912, Pendik - Istanbul / TURKEY

    7/24 Line maintenance Desk (SAW): +90-216-588 0568

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  Company Structure
  Latest News
26 November 2015
28 October 2015
HNA Group signs $2.4 billion engine deal with Rolls-Royce
28 October 2015
Hainan Airlines will be launching a Beijing-Manchester route in June of 2016
31 July 2015
23 July 2015
HNA Group topped 'Fortune 500' list !
Sep 1, 2014
Mr.Chen Feng Visited myTECHNIC & myCARGO
8 Mart 2013
Sep 14, 2012
Mr.Cai Esheng President Of CBRC visited myTECHNIC and myCARGO
Jul 30, 2010
myTECHNIC is strengthening its capital structure
Apr 19, 2010
myTECHNIC has been audited by NKA
Mar 30, 2010
myTECHNIC exhibiting in Airline Purchasing & Maintenance EXPO 2010
Mar 30, 2010
myTECHNIC invites you to Middle East Airline Engineering and Maintenance Conference
Mar 24, 2010
myTECHNIC at International Dushanbe Industry & Trade Exhibition
Feb 22, 2010
myTECHNIC is sponsoring 1st Avionics and System Entegration Symposium
Jan 22, 2010
Another capability expansion at myTECHNIC; JT8D-200 engine overhaul
Jan 22, 2010
myTECHNIC receives approval for line maintenance services at Istanbul Ataturk Airport
Jan 22, 2010
myTECHNIC invites you to Aircraft Maintenance Russia & CIS 2010
Jan 22, 2010
myTECHNIC exhibiting in MRO Middle East 2010
Nov 23, 2009
myTECHNIC welcomes you in Hall 5 at booth #217 at MRO-ASIA'09, 8-10 December 2009.
Nov 13, 2009
myTECHNIC receives approval by Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation
Nov 2, 2009
myTECHNIC to exhibit at Dubai Airshow
Oct 30, 2009
myTECHNIC Receives the First Enterprise Title Within Green Airport Project
Oct 25, 2009
The fourth Maintenance Technologies Congress and Exposition
Oct 14, 2009
myTECHNIC exhibits at Wings of Russia Aviation Forum
Oct 7, 2009
myTECHNIC invites you to Maintenance Cost Conference of IATA, 28-29 October 2009, İstanbul
Oct 7, 2009
10th Transportation Forum was held between 27 September-1 October 2009 in Istanbul.
Sep 30, 2009
myTECHNIC exhibits at MRO Europe 2009
Aug 24, 2009
myTECHNIC participated in MAKS 2009 Airshow which took place between 18-23 August 2009, at Moscow, Russia.
Aug 12, 2009
myTECHNIC receives SHY/JAR-147 training certification
Jul 20, 2009
myTECHNIC exhibiting in MRO Europe 2009
May 19, 2009
myTECHNIC Aircraft Integrated Management System Certification
Feb 24, 2009
myTECHNIC says 'Bem Vindo' to euroAtlantic
Jan 26, 2009
myTECHNIC at MRO Middle East, Dubai
Jan 16, 2009
Sama Airlines Taps into myTECHNIC for Maintenance
Jan 14, 2009
myTECHNIC's Service Capabilities Expand.
Jan 05, 2009
myTECHNIC's Incorporation of LEAN Techniques Featured in December Issue of Overhaul & Maintenance
Aug 28, 2008
myTECHNIC is Open for Business
Jun 19, 2008
myTECHNIC to Exhibit at Farnborough Air Show
Jun 11, 2008
Visit myTECHNIC at AIREX, June 12-15
Oct 17, 2007
myTECHNIC will exhibit at the Dubai Airshow, November 11-15.
  About Us
myTECHNIC is world’s first Lean Greenfield MRO, located at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW) on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey. This advantageous geographical location between Europe and Asia makes myTECHNIC ideally suited to serve domestic partners as well as global carriers in Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa.

myTECHNIC was founded in 2008 and became a part of Hainan Group Co. Limited (HNA) as of November 2010. HNA Group is a leading China-based integrated operator in modern service industry with substantial investments in Air Travel, Modern Logistics and Modern Finance Service industries. Based in Haikou; HNA assets exceed $30bn as of the end of year 2010.

Designed on principles of Lean Management, myTECHNIC accomplishes time-savvy and effective MRO service options ranging from wide/narrow body airframe maintenance to engine overhaul and aircraft painting. Since foundation in 2008, Lean Management principles have nested best practices of productivity and safety, eliminating waste of space, movement and time in myTECHNIC. It is continuously worked on extending corporate responsibility areas for environment, increasing satisfaction and minimizing turnaround time for partners.

myTECHNIC hangar is situated on 60.000 square-meter land, beaming with its modern architectural 3-floor design on 15,400 square-meters of bay area. The facility encompasses 24,800 square-meters of shop, office and storage area. In addition to all, a 6.000 square-meters of engine shop area are located in the facility.

myTECHNIC received its EASA (Part 145) certificate in August of 2008 and approved by Turkish Civil Aviation Authority (DGCA) with SHY/ JAR 145/EASA certification simultaneously for the first time. Additionally, myTECHNIC holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications and lately has been certified by the Turkish DGCA as a SHY/ JAR-147 maintenance training organization.
  Mission & Vision
Vision Statement
“Be the #1 MRO in the region* for Airbus and Boeing aircraft”
(*) Middle East, Europe, Near East, CIS and Northern Africa

Mission Statement
We achieve our vision by becoming a customer-centric organization working within national and international regulation requirements and by providing:

  A high degree of standardization, quality, and safety across all operations (hangar and support)
  Flexible and cost effective solutions to all of our customers
  Complete transparency in our dealings with our customers
  A Diverse portfolio of products and services
  The Best Value for the money
  Quick turnaround times (TAT) that fully meet customer expectations
  A Culture of Continuous Improvement through the application of Lean principles
  Growth and employment opportunities to the Turkish Aviation Industry
  History of the Making

December 2006

Start of the project myTECHNIC

January 2007

Contract signed with HEAS for land usage

March 2007

Soil removal start for construction

March 2008

Line maintenance approval granted for Sabiha Gokcen Airport

June 2008

Completion of hangar construction

August 2008

Base maintenance approval and first C check

September 2008

Agreement signed with Kellstrom for supply of engine parts

September 2008

Grand Opening

January 2009

Agreement signed with Turkish Technic for collaborative support

January 2009

Extension of base maintenance approval for new types and IST station for line maintenance

March 2009

Received O&M Award for being the World’s 1st Lean Greenfield MRO

April 2009

Extension of base MX approval for new types

October 2009

First Enterprise Title Within Green Airport Project

January 2010

Extension of engine overhaul approval with JT8D

April 2010

Completion of the 100th base maintenance layover

July 2010

Strengthening capital structure

November 2010

HNA Group and Bravia Capital to Acquire Majority Stake

  Continuous Improvement
We ensure thorough implementation of best practices in aviation and the Lean principles fundamental in achieving continuous improvement. Lean implementation is a holistic approach that addresses all elements; from operational strategy to the shop floor. Implementation and adaptation of Lean to an MRO process is not simple unlike manufacturing; there is no fixed, standard work process. An MRO functions similarly to an assembling/disassembling facility as it generates a great level of variability and waste. It is not easy to identify value added processes although it is easier to identify the waste.

Beyond the common usage, Lean Philosophy defines waste as anything that the customer does not want to pay for and which has no additional value for the customer.

Lean focuses on reduction of eight wastes to improve overall customer value:

1. Transportation
2. Inventory
3. Motion
4. Waiting
5. Over-production
6. Processing itself
7. Defective Product
8. Unused Creativity

By eliminating all kinds of waste, costs are reduced in all phases of production, flexibility increases, customer satisfaction rises and targeted revenues grow. To prevent such waste in our facility, myTECHNIC’s organizational structure has been designed to create the conditions necessary for our technicians to work efficiently. myTECHNIC acknowledges that our most significant responsibility is customer satisfaction; therefore, our configuration has been designed to enable all of our operators to focus on their jobs and create value for the customer. myTECHNIC is the first Green-field Lean MRO in the world and designed from the ground up with Lean Principles in mind. myTECHNIC introduces its production system formed by the needs of the MRO business and our understanding of the LEAN Principles. myTECHNIC will continuously work to improve its operations creating more value for its customers.

  Quality and Safety
Within the aim of “To be the number 1 MRO in our region for Airbus and Boeing Aircraft”, our company has adopted the items, mentioned below to realize its main target.

 Setting measurable quality, environment and safety targets in compliance with myTECHNIC establishment targets spread all through the personnel and conducting continuous improvement efforts using feedbacks from them,
 Providing personnel, equipment and material adequate in quantity and quality,
 Enhancing personnel’s fitness for the job and qualification through application of continuous training programmes at each stage,
 Ensuring application of human factors principles through all processes,
 Contributing sustainable development by taking measures for the prevention of environmental pollution.
 Within the principle of “human is the main source”, creating and sustaining a healthy working environment
 Inducing embrace of vision, mission, quality, environment and safety policy by all personnel and participation in all processes especially the error/occurrence reporting process,
 Trying to adopt the idea that, “ all the activities taking place in myTECHNIC are complied with the legal national and international requirements; Quality, Environment and Safety Standards” is the individual responsibility of all personnel.
  Certifications and Approvals
We currently hold the following certificates and approvals available for download in pdf file format.
(Click PDF icon to download certificate)

United Arab Emirates Approval Certificate
Ukraine CAA Approval Certificate
Turkmenhowayollary Approval Certificate
Tajikistan Approval Certificate
Saudia Arabia GACA Approval Certificate
SHY-147 Approval Certificate
SHY-145 Approval Certificate
Russian FATA Approval Certificate
Pakistan CAA Approval Certificate
Nigeria Approval Certificate
Moldova CAA Approval
Libyan Approval Certificate
Lebanon CAA Approval Certificate
Kyrgyz CAA Approval Certificate
Kazakhstan CAA Approval_Certificate
Guernsey CAA Approval
Georgian CAA Approval Certificate
FAA Approval Certificate
EASA Part 145 Approval Certificate
DOT approval
Congo CAA Approval Certificate
CAAC Approval Certificate
Bermuda 145 Approval Certificate
Bahrain CAA Approval Certificate
Aruba AMO acceptance by DCA
Afghan Approval Certificate
  Commitment to Our Customers
We always try to understand what our customers are looking for and we are dedicated to provide them with what they need. Best value for the money.

We put safety and quality in the first place.

Do our work in short Turn Around Times.

Provide our services in competitive prices.

The answer is YES.

Every enquiry is taken as a special project and services are tailored according to the needs.
  Airframe Maintenance
Our customers deserve reliable operations without interruption. We give them flight hours, keeping the essence of aircraft maintenance always in our minds: Perfect balance between safety and economy.

Base Maintenance

We offer minimal turnaround times for complete aircraft services, thanks to our lean environment and dedicated workforce in our hangar operation.

  Scheduled 'C' and 'D' checks
  Structural inspection and / or repair
  Modification on the aircraft, engine and related systems
  Defect rectification / major component change
  Corrosion prevention and control program applications
  Cabin modifications / refurbishment and conversion of cabin interiors
  Aircraft weighing
  Paint-stripping and painting of aircraft exteriors
  Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

We service the following aircraft types:

Airbus A300B2 / B4 / F4

Airbus A319
Airbus A320
Airbus A321
Airbus A300-600
Airbus A310-200
Airbus A310-300
Boeing 737-300
Boeing 737-400
Boeing 737-500

Boeing 737-600
Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-800

Boeing 757-200

Boeing 767-200
Boeing 767-300

MD-80 Series

Line Maintenance

We place great importance on reliability and dispatch in our line maintenance stations and provide all services necessary to get our customers’ aircraft back in service in the shortest time.
  Letter checks
  Layover checks
  Defect rectification
  Short/long term storage

We currently provide line maintenance services in the following locations:

  Sabiha Gokcen International Airport - SAW
  Ataturk International Airport - IST
  Antalya International Airport - IST

Line Maintenance Approval SAW IST AYT
Boeing 737-300/400/500 + + +
Boeing 737-600/700/800 + + +
Boeing 747-400 + - -
Boeing 757-200 + - +
Airbus A300B2/B4/F4 + + -
Airbus A300-600 + - -
Airbus A310-200/300 + - -
Airbus A319/320/321 + + -
MD-80 Series + + -

Contact our sales representatives for more information on Base Maintenance services and solutions.

  Component Maintenance
Thanks to the intense investments in component shops and the professional focus on the customer-centric approach, we offer test, repair and overhaul of components within exceptional turnaround times and with highest-quality.

You can download our updated component capability lists link below.

Contact our sales representatives for the part numbers you would like to be included in our capability list.

Wheels, Tires and Brakes

We understand and keep pace with your needs in terms of competitive pricing and short turn-around times on your aircraft wheels, tires and brakes, which require frequent maintenance and replacements.

Our shops are equipped to inspect, test, repair, and overhaul of various types of wheels and brakes. myTECHNIC PBC solution for wheels, tires and brakes offers guaranteed maintenance costs, reduced inventory and minimized aircraft ground times.

Contact our sales representatives for more information on our wheels, tires and brakes solutions.

Electrics - Electronics

Our electrics – electronics shops are capable of providing cost effective maintenance services on various equipment such as batteries, sensors and others.

Contact our sales representatives for more information on electrics and electronics component solutions.

Emergency Equipment

myTECHNIC emergency equipment shop provides customer-centric maintenance on certain life vests, slides and rafts.

Contact our sales representatives for more information on emergency equipment solutions.

  Engine Maintenance
From individual services, to major overhauls, myTECHNIC is ready to provide a diverse range of engine maintenance services to its customers.

We are dedicated to help lower the maintenance costs of your engines, while providing you with the highest reliability.

  Performance restoration
  AD-SB applications
  Module replacements

Certified for
  General Electric CF6 Series (-50 and -80)
  Pratt and Whitney JT8D-200 Series

Contact our sales representatives for more information on engine maintenance solutions.
  NDT Services
Offering a great experience in Non Destructive Testing, myTECHNIC is capable applying of the following methods:
  Eddy Current
  Fluorescent Penetrant
  Magnetic Particle

Contact our sales representatives for more information on NDT solutions.
  Engineering Services
Our dedicated engineering team is ready for on-demand engineering solutions.

  AD-SB evaluation, preparation of engineering orders for modification and inspection
  Structural repair procedures and obtaining approvals from manufacturers and authorities.
  Customer required configuration changes of the aircraft.
  Customized maintenance program preparation.
  Engine condition monitoring and reliability programs.

Contact our sales team for on-demand engineering services

  Calibration Services
myTECHNIC Calibration Services help customers achieve the highest measurement quality and productivity.

Our list of Calibration capabilities are;

Torquemeter(0-1000 Nm) (0-735 Lbf.ft)
Manometers(0 bar to 400 bar Pneumatıc)
(0 bar to 700 bar hydraullic)
Vacummeters(-850 bar to 0 bar)
Calipper(0-1000 mm)
Dial Gauges(0-10 mm)
Temperature & Humidity meter(30-90 %RH & -20 to +150°C)
Weighing Scale(0 - 50 kg)
Multimeter, voltmeter, ammeter(0-1000 V AC/DC, 0-1500 A AC/DC, 0-10 Mohm)
Thermometer(0 – 500°C)
Qualified workforce is the key for reliable products. On the way to become the #1 MRO in the region, we believe that multi-dimensional training is our biggest investment. We take training seriously and share this great experience with our customers.

Continuous training on and off the work.

Training Facilities

Training Center Classrooms
  •   4 classrooms, each with a capacity of 20 seats, designed for lecture style instruction and training, 1 classroom designed for the computer based training.
  •   1 classroom outside the maintenance facility for the customers
  •   An area of 144 m2 reserved for establishing an examination center on behalf of Turkish DGCA Training Technology Training Technology
  •   All the classrooms are equipped with necessary high-tech instructional equipment ( i.e. multimedia projector, screen, PC etc.)

    Training Catalogues

    Aircraft Level III Type Training
  •   Airbus A319/A320/A321 (CFM56) B1&B2
  • Type
  • Familiarization

  •   Airbus A319/A320/A321 (V2500) B1&B2
  • Type
  • Familiarization

  •   Airbus Boeing B737 - 300/400/500 (CFM56) B1&B2
  • Type
  • Familiarization

  •   Boeing B737 - 600/700/800/900 (CFM56) B1&B2
  • Type
  • Familiarization

  •   MD-80 Series (PW JT8D) B1&B2
  • Type
  • Familiarization

  •   Type Difference Courses
  • A319/A321 to A320 B1&B2 Difference
  • A320 to A319/A321 B1&B2 Differencee
  • B737-3/500 to B737-400 B1&B2 Difference
  • B737-6/700 to B737-8/900 B1&B2 Difference
  • B737-400 to B737-3/500 B1&B2 Difference
  • B737-800 to B737-6/7/900 B1&B2 Difference
  • B737-3/4/500 (CFM56) to B737-6/7/8/900 (CFM56) B1&B2 Difference
  • B737-6/7/8/900 (CFM56) to B737-3/4/500 (CFM56) B1&B2 Difference

  • Aviation Regulation Trainings
  •   Introduction to Civil Aviation
  •   SHY/EASA Part 145
  •   SHY/EASA Part 147
  •   SHY/EASA Part 66
  •   Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance
  •   Hangar and Apron Safety
  •   Aircraft Fuel Tank Safety (Level I)
  •   Aircraft Fuel Tank Safety (Level II)
  •   Dangerous Goods Regulations
  •   ATA Spec 300 Packaging of Airline Supplies

  • Technical Training Modules
  •   Engine Run Up (Based on Aircraft Type)
  •   Borescope Inspection (Based on Aircraft Type)
  •   Aircraft Inspection
  •   Aircraft Fasteners
  •   Corrosion on Aircraft
  •   Hidden Damage Inspection
  •   Electrostatic Discharge
  •   Technical Changes (Based on Aircraft Type)
  •   General Aircraft
  •   Cockpit Information
  •   Meassurement and Control
  •   Hand Tools and Consumable Materials
  •   Materials Used on Aircraft
  •   ETOPS Maintenance
  •   Aircraft Cleaning
  •   De-icing & Anti-icing
  •   Fueling & De-fueling
  •   Pre-flight Check
  •   Towing & Pushback

  • Personal Development and Management Training Modules
  •   Effective Communication
  •   Teamwork
  •   Building a Team
  •   Stress Management
  •   Time Management and Personal Planning
  •   Train the Trainer
  •   Organizational Culture
  •   Management Tools
  •   Lean Management
  •   ISO 9001 Management and Documentation
  •   OHSAS 18001 Management and Documentation
  •   ISO 14001 Management and Documentation

  • English Trainings
  •   Technical English for Aircraft Maintenance

  • Contact our sales team for customized training solutions.
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      Image Gallery
      myTECHNIC Video Presentation

      Opening Ceremony
    myTECHNIC Opening Ceremony

    myTECHNIC Opening Ceremony Puts World’s First LEAN Greenfield MRO Center-Stage.

    Istanbul, Turkey September 27, 2008 The Opening Ceremony of Istanbul-based myTECHNIC Aircraft MRO Services saw Turkish officials and members of the international and Turkish aviation community celebrate the opening of the world’s first LEAN Greenfield MRO. About 400 visitors were present in the hangar of this US$80 million facility to hear the Turkish Ministers of Transportation and National Defense and the Undersecretary of Defense Industries express their congratulations and best wishes for the future success of the venture. Ministers, the representative of the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority and other dignitaries were in attendance.
    The speakers were quick to note that the Turkish aviation sector has undergone significant changes in the past three years, among them the privatization of Sabiha Gokcen International Airport where my TECHNIC is located on 60,000 square meters of land. Such moves to modernize the sector have allowed projects like myTECHNIC to be realized. In order to complete the project, 300,000 cubic meters of soil were moved, 40,000 cubic meters of concrete were poured, 5,500 metric tons of construction steel was used and the largest single-roof in Turkey was installed.
    Foreign visitors who attended the ceremony agreed that the word that best describes the facility is “impressive”. “Turkey and Turkish aviation are one of the few bright spots in the aviation industry today and we are proud to be a part of it on behalf of our industry and our country. We are now officially open for business” declared myTECHNIC’s Management Board.
      Human Resources Policy
    We designed our HR policy to provide a creative and dynamic essence for our company. We emphasize recruiting, developing and retaining team members with the skill and will to internalize continuous improvement spirit for long term and sustainable success. For myTECHNIC , ‘human’ is not merely a resource but rather is a value, utilizing the resources to meet customer needs and expectations.

    We have set the following priorities within the framework of our HR policy:

      Be selective with the recruitment process and professional career management
      Set enthusiastic goals and create highly motivated, proactive human capital
      Provide opportunities for employees to discover and develop their potentials, professional skills and competencies
      Ensure a sense of justice in the company through a performance based career / training / wage system
      Create a corporate culture for continuous change and development and ensure effective implementation of improvement ideas
      Implement and sustain a collaborative working environment
      Provide training and career opportunities
      Place particular emphasis on employee health and safety
      What We Offer?
    As myTECHNIC, We Offer;
      an effective and fair recruitment system that matches the right position with the right candidate; thus, ensuring a mutually beneficial and long-lasting professional relationship
      effective Orientation Programs for the new staff’s adaptation and integration period
      “Same Salary for Same Job” policy
      annual performance assessments and performance-based training and career systems
      continuous training programs for developing professional skills and competencies
      a collaborative environment which brings further internalization of continuous improvement
      a special emphasis on health and safety in the workplace in line with the relevant regulations, work ethics and personnel policies in compliance with Turkish Labor Law requirements
      Sales Team
    Our sales team can take your requests or answer any questions you might have about our services. Please use one of the methods below to contact us.

    By e-mail:
    Please send your queries by e-mail to sales@mytechnic.aero.

    By telephone:
    Please dial our sales contacts;

    Haluk ACAR : +90 535 982 65 59
    Cagril DENER : +90 530 548 43 25
    Mustafa Kemal ASIL : +90 530 874 91 56
    Sebnem OZYENER : +90 530 549 61 80
    Gamze Bora YILMAZ : +90 530 874 91 87

    Maintenance Proposal Requests
    Need faster response from us ? Then, please help our sales team by simply providing the following information along with your aircraft base maintenance requests. You will be contacted in the shortest time possible

    Work package (preferably in spreadsheet format)
    Copy of company task cards and engineering orders
    Requested input date and TAT
    A/C Data including;

      Line number
      Variable number
      Delivery date
      Effectivity code (AMM, IPC)
      Current flight hours and cycles

    Airframe Information Table

    Interested to see myTECHNIC facilities? Please contact our sales team and we will see how we can help you.
      For Procurement Complaints on regulation violation

    Risk Control Department of HNA Group
    Procurement Management Department of HNA I&E Co., Ltd.