December 2006

Start of the project myTECHNIC

January 2007

Contract signed with HEAS for land usage

March 2007

Soil removal start for construction

March 2008

Line maintenance approval granted for Sabiha Gokcen Airport

June 2008

Completion of hangar construction

August 2008

Base maintenance approval and first C check

September 2008

Agreement signed with Kellstrom for supply of engine parts

September 2008

Grand Opening

January 2009

Agreement signed with Turkish Technic for collaborative support

January 2009

Extension of base maintenance approval for new types and IST station for line maintenance

March 2009

Received O&M Award for being the World’s 1st Lean Greenfield MRO

April 2009

Extension of base MX approval for new types

October 2009

First Enterprise Title Within Green Airport Project

January 2010

Extension of engine overhaul approval with JT8D

April 2010

Completion of the 100th base maintenance layover

July 2010

Strengthening capital structure