About Us

myTECHNIC is world’s first independent Lean Greenfield MRO, located at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW) on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey. This advantageous geographical location between Europe and Asia makes myTECHNIC ideally suited to serve domestic partners as well as global carriers in Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa.

MyTECHNIC, which is designed according to the principles of Lean Management, provides a wide range of services, from the wide and narrow-bodied planes to engine revisions and airplane painting, on time and effectively . Since its establishment in 2008, myTECHNIC incorporates the principles of Lean Management and productivity and safety ,eliminates the loss of space, movement and time. It works to expand the corporate responsibility areas for the environment, increase the satisfaction of its partners, and reduce the time of completion.

MyTECHNIC Hangar is located on an area of 60,000 square meters, with 15, 400sqm hangar area and 3-storey building with modern architecture. The facility includes 24,800 square meters workshop, office and warehouse area. In addition, there are 6,000 square meters of engine shop.

MyTECHNIC received EASA (Part 145) authorization in August 2008 and it is the first maintenance center wo received Turkish Civil Aviation Authority (DGCA) with SHY/ JAR 145/EASA certifications both at the same time. 

myTECHNIC is part of HNA Aviation Group. HNA Aviation Group, which owns the majority of myTECHNIC shares, is controlled by Liaoning Fangda Group and covers all business systems such as air passenger transport, air cargo, general aviation and aviation sub-industries.

“Be the #1 MRO in the region* for Airbus and Boeing aircraft”

(*) Middle East, Europe, Near East and Northern Africa

We accomplish our vision by adhering to local-international regulatory requirements as a customer-centered organization and ensuring the following differences;

High standardization, quality and safety in all hangar and support operations

Flexible and cost effective solutions for all of our customers

Complete transparency in our relationships with our customers

Wide range of products and services

Cost effective solutions

Quick turnaround times (TAT) that fully meet customer expectations

The culture of continuous development that emerged with the application of Lean Management Principals

Growth and employment opportunities for the Turkish Aviation Industry

Continuous Improvement

We aim to achieve continuous development by combining Lean Management principles with the best practices in aviation. Lean implementation is a holistic approach that covers all production elements from strategy to production environment in the workshop. Implementing and adapting the concept of Lean to the aircraft maintenance process is not as simple as in the production facilities with fixed and standard production processes.An aircraft maintenance center produces a large amount of variability and wastage, similar to those in a rough installation / disassembly facility.It is quite difficult to identify processes with added value, but it is relatively easy to identify wastes.
Lean principle is a philosophy that excludes the waste that customers won't be willing to pay for.

Beyond the common usage, Lean Philosophy defines waste as something that the customer does not want to give in return and has no added value for the customer.
Lean focuses on reduction of eight wastes to improve overall customer value:
1. Transportation
3. Motion
4. Waiting
5. Over-production
6.Over processing
7. Defective Product
8. Unused Creativity


By eliminating all kind of waste, costs are reduced in all phases of production, flexibility increases, customer satisfaction rises, and targeted revenues multiply. The MyTECHNIC organizational chart, designed primarily for the prevention of waste at the plant, is designed to allow technicians to work effectively. MyTECHNIC acknowledges that the most important responsibility is customer satisfaction. Therefore, an environment is designed in which all operators can focus on their work and create value for the customer.

MyTECHNIC is the world’s first Lean Maintenance Center established from the scrach , and it was designed with keeping in mind the Lean principles from the very beginning . The production system has emerged by combining the requirements of the aircraft maintenance industry and the appropriate elements of Lean principles.

MyTECHNIC introduces its production system formed by the needs of the MRO business and our understanding of the LEAN Principles. MyTECHNIC will continuously work to improve its operations, search for ways to create more value for its customers.