Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

We designed our HR policy to provide a creative and dynamic character to our company.We place great emphasis on recruiting, developing and retaining team members who have the competence and willingness to internalize the spirit of continuous development and improvement for a long-term and sustainable success. For myTECHNIC, “human” is more than a mere resource, and this value meets customer requirements and expectations

As myTECHNIC, within the framework of our Human Resources policy, we set the following priorities:

  • Be selective in the recruitment process and management of professional careers
  • Create a motivated and proactive human capital by setting high targets
  • Providing different opportunities for our employees to explore and develop their potential, professional competencies and capabilitie
  • Create a sense of justice within the company through a performance-based career / training / wage system
  • To create an institutional culture for continuous change and development and to ensure effective implementation of ideas for improvement
  • Creating a collaborative and collaborative work environment and making this environment sustainable
  • Provide training and career opportunities
  • Special emphasis on employee health and safety

What We Offer?

As myTECHNIC, We Offer;

  • To establish a beneficial and long-term professional relationship with both parties through an effective and fair recruitment system that brings together the right person with the right position
  • Effective Orientation Programs for the adaptation and integration of new employees
  • “Same Salary for Same Job” policy
  • Annual performance assessments and performance-based training and career systems
  • Continuous training programs for professional competence and ability development
  • A common and collaborative working environment for internalizing continuous improvement and development
  • In line with the relevant legislation, business ethics and personnel policies in accordance with the Turkish Labor Law, special emphasis on health and safety issues in the work environment

Career Prospects

We are involved in a rapidly developing in a dynamic industry,. If you believe you will add value to our team, we would be exicted to know you.

Please contact us at [email protected]  

* Internship recruitment and application acceptance within myTECHNIC has been suspended due to pandemic conditions. If there is a change in the conditions, you will be informed again via