Safety and Quality Politikası

  • We comply with all the applicable legislation, to meet all the applicable requirements, and adopt practices  improve safety standards
  •  We provide the necessary resources for the implementation of the safety policy
  • We apply human factors principles, including giving due consideration to the aspects of fatigue
  • We enforce safety as a primary responsibility of all myTECHNIC managers
  • We encourage all myTECHNIC personnel to report maintenance-related errors, incidents and hazards
  •  We apply ‘just culture’ principles to internal safety reporting and the investigation of occurrences and, in particular, not to make available or use the information on occurrences:
    • to attribute blame or liability to front-line personnel or other persons for actions, omissions or decisions taken by them that are commensurate with their experience and training; or
    • for any purpose other than the maintenance or improvement of aviation safety
  • Management ensures continually promote the safety policy to all personnel, demonstrate its commitment to it, and provide necessary human and financial resources for its implementation
  • We promote proactive and systematic safety management and positive safety culture
  • We ensure that safety standards are not reduced by commercial imperatives
  • We recognise the need for all personnel to cooperate with the compliance monitoring and internal investigations